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follow This conserved Lamborghini LM002, is  1 of only 301 cars produced, only 15800 KM since new, making it one of the best vehicles which we have ever come across

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We are a  company operating worldwide, specializing in the research and sale of classic and investment cars. We pride ourselves in selling only accident free vehicles and as a company policy we only sell vehicles we have seen and evaluated personally. This car has never been restored and the conditions are like new. It was stored in air-conditioned controlled ambient with a dehumidifier placed inside.  The interiors are perfect in all their details, the paint is original and the car is accident free. The car is complete with books, spare keys and original tool kit.

agence de rencontre a trois-rivieres For those of you who don’t have familiarity with this vehicle, we take the chance to give a brief description

go site In 1981, Lamborghini shocked the world with the arrival of a new concept of Supercar, Lamborghini’s LM002. The ancestor of the modern day Hummer. A massive 4,9 meter long, 2,6 Ton heavy vehicle fitted with a 444 Bhp Lamborghini Countach V12 engine. With a top speed of 210km/h it was as rough as it was luxurious. It was graced with 4WD, seating for four and ample room for luggage making it a very fast, luxurious vehicle that could go anywhere

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