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basics With pleasure we confirm that are now available the first units of the new LaFerrari, cause the vehicles delivered by the end of September 2014 have taken a year and a half, 18 months from the date of first registration.

rencontre grand ouest fimo Now, therefore, you can buy a LaFerrari without "bypass" the gentlemen's agreement between the parent company and the first owner of the car, consisting in a 'promise’ of not to sell it before the expiration of 18 months from registration, if not with the official network Ferrari.

site de rencontre my love The purpose of this gentlemen's agreement is obvious: discourage the speculative sale of the car, given that the evaluation of this model is now close to three times the list price.

fiesta san valentin para solteros Although the lucky owners of a LaFerrari are free to sell the car before 18 months, but maybe for this reason they lose the opportunity to obtain the allocation of future supercar series or limited / numbered.

rencontre valentino rossi It ’s a fact that the LaFerrari is, absolutely, the car more difficult to buy ... regardless of budget rencontre gratuite laval Even before the official presentation, the interest was very high, and our company has always received many requests from fans and collectors from around the world.

click for source Recall that all our cars published in our website, are available today and can ALWAYS be viewed by appointment.

Our practices for the purchase does not include the payment of advances, we recommend not to make payments in any case, until after they have examined the car and carefully verified documentation.



Derived from the engine that equips the F12 Berlinetta, the engine of the LaFerrari is a 12-cylinder V 65 ° mounted centrally of 6262 cm³ disbursing 800 horsepower at 9250 revs / min. (Compression ratio of 13.5: 1). In conjunction with the vehicle thermal engine it is equipped by the HY-KERS system capable of delivering 163 hp (thanks to the electric motor), for a total power of 963 hp (max overall torque greater than 900 Nm).

This system can reduce CO2 emissions to 330 g / km compared to the Ferrari Enzo has been reduced by about 50%.



Compared to the performance Enzo findings have been drastically improved: in fact accelerates from 0 to 100 Km / h in less than 3 seconds, from 0 to 200 Km / h in less than 7 seconds.

Top speed is more than 350 Km / h.

Significant lap time achieved during tests performed on the track of Fiorano: less than 1 '20 ", ie over 5" faster than the Enzo.



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