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conocer personas tenerife The Ferrari badge, famous throughout the world, is the Prancing Horse. It is black on a yellow background. The letters SF below it stand for Scuderia Ferrari. The three stripes, one green, one white, one red, are the colours of the Italian national flag.

basics The Prancing Horse, a symbol of courage and daring, originated as the personal emblem of Major Francesco Baracca, Italy's most successful fighter ace of World War 1 with 34 aerial victories in the course of 64 engagements against the enemy.

rencontre grand ouest fimo There are several theories as to the origins of the emblem's colours. The red pony was derived by inverting the coat of arms of the 2nd cavalry regiment "Piemonte Reale" and the black was adopted as a sign of mourning after Baracca's death by his squadron, although logic suggest that the pony was always black. This argument is supported by the alternative theory that the Prancing Horse derives instead from the German city of Stuttgart.

site de rencontre my love The aviators of the past were considered aces only after shooting down their fifth plane, after which they sometimes took the insignia of the enemy they defeated in their honour. Baracca, known for his respect and regard for his opponents, painted the Prancing Horse on the fuselage of his aircraft (in fact already black according to this photo) observed on the fifth plane he shot down, most likely a German aircraft flown by a pilot from Stuttgart.

fiesta san valentin para solteros If so, the horses that appear in the current coat of arms of both Ferrari and Porsche (the latter taken directly from Stuttgart's coat of arms, which is actually a mare) would have the same origins, albeit with slight graphical differences.

rencontre valentino rossi On the 17th of June, 1923 Enzo Ferrari won the first Savio Grand Prix, a road race between Ravenna and the hamlet of Fosso Ghiaia. During the awards ceremony he met the Countess Paolina, the mother of Francesco Baracca. She offered Ferrari the use of the Prancing Horse on his cars, telling him that it would bring good luck.

weblink According to other sources Enzo Ferrari himself approached the Baracca family for permission to use their son's emblem. Regardless of what might be the truth, in 1932 for the 24 hours of Spa Enzo Ferrari's Alfa displayed the Prancing Horse. Enzo Ferrari won.

site de rencontres pour 16 ans From that day on the horse has always been associated with the cars from Maranello.

In 1945 Eligio Gerosa, a young Milanese engraver, refined Ferrari's coat of arms. To the horse, greatly modified from the original design (especially in the tail, in Baracca's original the tail points downwards), is added the canary yellow background which is one of the colours of the city of Modena.


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